The International Hibernation Society brings together researchers from different fields to advance our understanding of hibernation and promote research. In addition to exploring hibernation, the society aims to investigate the benefits it may bring to the planet, animals, and humans. Founded in August 2021 by Rob Henning, Hjalmar Bouma, and Roelof Hut, the society was presented during the International Hibernation Symposium in Groningen.

The Board of the IHS has seven members:

  • Roelof Hut (chair)
  • Rob Henning (secretary)
  • Hjalmar Bouma (treasurer)
  • Jim Staples (member, conference organiser International Hibernation Symposium 2024)
  • Jessica Healy (member, mentoring officer)
  • Genshiro Sunagawa (member, content provider)
  • Chun-Xia Yi (member, communication)